Leak Stereo 130 Integrated amplifier
Leak Stereo 130 Integrated amplifier

LEAK, one of the most iconic name in the golden era of hi-fi from the 50s to the 80s, has been resurrected.

Today Leak is part of the large Macau based IAG Group conglomerate that includes in its treasure trove illustrious names such as Quad, Wharfedale and Luxman.

The retro looking Leak Stereo 130 integrated amplifier is in itself based on the company’s vintage Stereo 30 Plus which was a popular choice among audiophiles in the mid 1960s.

While looking very much like its 5 decades old ancestor the new Leak Stereo 130 is infact a product of efficient modern technology.

Rated at 45 watts per channel into a nominal 8 ohms impedance the Leak Stereo 130 features a Class AB power amplifier section that is driven by a 200 VA torroidal transformer. In comparison the older Stereo 30 Plus was rated at only 15 watts per channel at a similar impedance load.

The rear panel of the Stereo 130. Note the array of digital inputs on the right
The rear panel of the Stereo 130. Note the array of digital inputs on the right

To be fair though, most amplifiers from that era rarely pack anything more than 25 to 30 watts per channel. I remember owning a Kenwood integrated amplifier in the early 1970s and it was rated at no more than 20 watts per channel!

In addition the Stereo 130 also feature six inputs that include two optical and one USB digital inputs. This correctly reflects that modern age the Stereo 130 is required to operate in.

Other features not found in the Stereo 30 Plus is a pre-amplifier output facility to enable the Stereo 130 to be utilized as a pre-amp to drive other outboard power amplifiers in the event more power is required.

Measuring 302 x 118 x 270 mm the Stereo 130 weighs 7.2kg and is available in either bare metal or if preferred in an optional walnut wood casing.

Recommended retail price for the LEAK Stereo 130 in walnut is RM4,980.

Leak also offers a matching CD player, the Leak CDT at RM3,900.

For further details contact:
Alex Lim at Creative AV Sdn Bhd. Tel: 012 3681288

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